Energy Endgame

Energy Efficency






Program Overview

Educational Content

  • How we measure energy
  • How energy is wasted
  • How we conserve energy
  • What renewable resources are

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Show Synopsis
Energy Endgame is performed by two professional actors who lead your students through an action-packed hi-tech adventure, all while teaching about energy conservation and resources.

In this 25-minute play, GameCo’s top designer whiz, Hieronymus Tru, has created a cool new video game that’s supposed to come out today … but there’s one small glitch. The company computers aren’t working, all the lights are off – and nobody can figure out why! The irksome Internet Troll may be to blame. Can your students help Hieronymus venture into the grid and resolve the technical difficulties?

Along with the in-school assembly, digital materials are provided to expand upon the educational content of the program. Energy Endgame also challenges your students (and staff) to save energy at home by providing Energy Kits that contain items to conserve electricity and water.

Performance Photos