What’s Your Goal?

Energy Efficency






Program Overview

Educational Content

  • How small changes in energy use can make a big difference
  • The effects of energy use on our planet
  • Ways to reduce your carbon footprint
  • The results of climate change and the need for community resilience
  • The importance of STEM education and the future of green careers

Schedule a Show Educational Standards Student Handbook

Show Synopsis
What's Your Goal? consists of three segments. In the first segment, the actors ask a student volunteer to take part in a sketch called “Moving Bodies.” The volunteer has complete control over the movements of the two actors as they explore ways to save energy at home and discuss the impact that energy-saving items can have.

The second segment is a game show called “The Carbon Footrace.” Students are placed on teams and asked questions about what a carbon footprint is and ways they can reduce their own carbon footprint. The game show is fast-paced, informative and entertaining.

The last segment takes the form of an interactive TED Talk-style presentation where the actors explore topics relating to the effects of global climate change and how it relates to industries and economies. Finally, students are offered information on what they can do and what careers they can explore to help do their part for the future of the planet.

Along with the in-school assembly, digital access to a comprehensive energy efficiency handbook is provided to expand upon the educational content of the program. What's Your Goal? also offers the opportunity for your students (and staff) to save energy at home by providing Energy Kits that contain items to conserve electricity and water.

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