The My Energy Kit Challenge

What is the My Energy Kit Challenge?

The My Energy Kit Challenge is a free program from Duke Energy and The National Theatre for Children, designed to engage K-12 students in green living and saving energy. The program offers schools:

  • Online show and e-learning package about energy conservation
  • FREE Energy Kits for families and staff
  • The opportunity for schools, teachers and families to win cash rewards

The goal of the My Energy Kit Challenge is to save 10 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy during the 2020-21 school year.

How do we meet the challenge?

By reaching energy-saving milestones throughout the year!

Every family that requests and uses the FREE kit saves energy in their home. Every school that reaches 100 kit requests saves 20,000 kWh of energy in their community. With the collective help of ALL the schools that participate in the program, we can easily reach the 10 million kWh goal by the end of the school year – together.

Check out the pages below for even more info about the My Energy Kit Challenge.