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Can my school participate?


Schools served by Duke Energy throughout the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana and Ohio are eligible for the My Energy Kit Challenge.

To participate in the My Energy Kit Challenge and qualify for program rewards, a school must first host one of the free energy efficiency theatre performances from Duke Energy and The National Theatre for Children during the current school year. This also means that families and staff at a particular school are ineligible to receive Energy Efficiency Kits unless the school schedules one of the in-school programs during the current school year. During the 2018-19 school year, the available in-school programs are Showdown at Resource Ranch (25-minute elementary school show), The Resource Force (40-minute middle school show) and What's Your Goal? (45-minute high school show).

How can I sign my school up to participate?

To have your school host the free in-school program and become an official participating school, visit and click “Schedule a Show.” For elementary schools, select Showdown at Resource Ranch as the program to schedule, for middle schools, select The Resource Force, and for high schools, select What's Your Goal?. You can also call The National Theatre for Children at 1-800-858-3999 ext. 1 or email to arrange the free program for your school.

Is my school already participating?

Enter the ZIP code of your school below. If your school is participating during the 2018-19 school year, it will appear on the list.

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