ANNOUNCER: LED Light Our two contestants have faced off in the free in-school program provided by Duke Energy and The National Theatre for Children throughout Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio and South Carolina. They are both characters in Kilowatt Kitchen and today they’re competing head-to- head in “The 64,000 Kilowatt Question.” Now here is your host-certified and certifiable technical and theoretical genius from The E-Team, a man who is never late because he invented the flux-temporal displacement unit (that’s a time machine for you viewers who don’t know) … Dr. Lyle Carlile, PhD, MS, FAQ, PDQ, BBQ!

DR. CARLILE: Hello everyone out there in TV and handheld device land, welcome to “The 64,000 Kilowatt Question!” Let’s welcome our contestants. Lorraine Quiche and Eggs Benedict Arnold. Tell us about yourself, Lorraine.

LORRAINE: I’m the owner of Fluffy’s Spaghetti restaurant. And I love—

ARNOLD: I should’ve closed your restaurant when I had the chance!

DR. CARLILE: Please, Mr. Arnold, you’ll get your turn! Continue, Lorraine.

LORRAINE: And I love making my restaurant more efficient by saving energy.

DR. CARLILE: That’s wonderful, Lorraine, and very smart.

ARNOLD: Big deal!

DR. CARLILE: It is a big deal, Mr. Arnold! Now, tell us about yourself.

ARNOLD: I am Eggs Benedict Arnold, the toughest, most critical food critic in town. … No! In America. … No! In the world!

LORRAINE: You’re not so tough. You loved Fluffy’s Spaghetti.

ARNOLD: I didn’t want to!

DR. CARLILE: Alright, contestants. Let’s begin. Question one goes to Mr. Arnold. What is the goal of the My Energy Kit Challenge for the 2017-18 school year?

ARNOLD: Oh! I know this. Beat Bobby Flay!

DR. CARLILE: Incorrect! Lorraine?

LORRAINE: To save 10 million kilowatt-hours of energy!

DR. CARLILE: Correct. For a bonus point, Lorraine … how many kilowatt-hours have been saved to date in Duke Energy’s five-state service area?

LORRAINE: 5.5 million kilowatt-hours!

LED Light

DR. CARLILE: Correctamundo, Lorraine!

ARNOLD: Lucky guess! My turn! My turn!

DR. CARLILE: Mr. Arnold, it’s Lorraine’s turn because you were incorrect.

LORRAINE: I’ll pass my turn because Mr. Arnold did love Fluffy’s Spaghetti so much.

DR. CARLILE: Very well, as you wish, Lorraine. Mr. Arnold—

ARNOLD: My friends call me Eggs Benny.

DR. CARLILE: Very well, Eggs Be—

ARNOLD: But you can call me Mr. Arnold.

DR. CARLILE: In addition to the grand prize of $2,500, what other rewards can individual schools earn and how do they earn them?

ARNOLD: How am I supposed to know that?!

DR. CARLILE: Lorraine?

LORRAINE: Each school that saves 20,000 kilowatt-hours of energy by generating 100 My Energy Kit sign-ups earns $250!

DR. CARLILE: Correct! For a bonus point … how many individual schools have earned that $250 reward so far?

ARNOLD: I know! I know! No, I don’t know!

DR. CARLILE: Lorraine?

LED Light

LORRAINE: One hundred fourteen!

DR. CARLILE: Correct! Our score is now Lorraine 4 and Mr. Arnold 0. But the last question is worth 5 big points so it’s anybody’s game. First to answer correctly wins!

ARNOLD: True! No, false! No, all of the above!

DR. CARLILE: Wait for the question, please! Name three easy, no-cost ways to save energy.

ARNOLD: Don’t exercise. Sleep longer. Order delivery pizza!

DR. CARLILE: Wrong as usual, Mr. Arnold! Lorraine?

LORRAINE: I learned these tips while preparing to open my restaurant: one, turn off lights and appliances when you’re not using them; two, use a programmable thermostat so your home or business doesn’t get too hot or too cold and thus run your furnace or A/C unnecessarily; and three, just use common sense and keep your eyes open – Save a Watt, Save a Lot!

DR. CARLILE: Absolutely correct, Lorraine! You are "The 64,000 Kilowatt Question" Champion!

ARNOLD: Okay, okay. I’m impressed Lorraine. Where did you learn all that?

LORRAINE: From being in Kilowatt Kitchen and occasionally visiting

DR. CARLILE: That’s all the time we have today, but as Lorraine said, visit to track your school’s progress toward the next grand prize, learn how your school can earn a $250 cash reward, and keep up on our quest to save 10 million kilowatt-hours of energy! Until next time, I’m Dr. Lyle Carlile, PhD, MS, FAQ, PDQ, BBQ, signing off!