The Conservation Crew Livestream Special

Energy Efficiency






Educational Content

  • How to measure energy use
  • How energy is wasted
  • How to conserve energy
  • What renewable resources are

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Show Overview
Debuting this year, our Livestream Special offers classrooms a convenient, online-accessible option for experiencing educational theatre.

This 45-minute show presents a virtual lesson in energy efficiency for grades 6-8. Through an interactive web platform, a live host will introduce entertaining improv sketches featuring a variety of characters in professionally filmed scenes from our live theatrical productions – and guide classrooms to participate in a discussion on resources and energy conservation:

Scene 1:
Buddy the Beagle Scout is lost in the desert when he meets an unlikely guide and teacher – Vinnie the Velociraptor – who may or may not have escaped from a dinosaur cloning lab. Vinnie teaches Buddy important information about renewable resources.

Scene 2:
Apathy Addams, drifting listlessly around her gloomy Gothic mansion, has a problem – her experiments in the dungeon … er … basement have gone wrong because she doesn’t quite understand how to measure energy use. Her mother gives her a quick lesson on kilowatts with the help of her assistant, Igor.

Scene 3:
There’s a new baby in the house, and he’s going to help a harried mom teach her older son about the ways he wastes energy – and the simple tools (like LED lightbulbs) that help to save energy. Oddly enough, The Child seems to be able to levitate lightbulbs, as if he hails from a galaxy far, far away.

Students and teachers will also have access to a Q&A with the host and an exclusive e-learning package that includes games, quizzes and lesson plans for the classroom that reinforce concepts from the show. Additionally, the program challenges your students (and staff) to save energy at home by providing Energy Kits that contain items to conserve electricity and water to eligible households.

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